Here we go again with a Friday high in energy and filled with new tunes! As we do, we’ve selected three albums and EPs that really need a listen this week. Flashes.


It’s under neon lights that Tample steps forward with notes from the 80s for Glory, their new record. The tone is set from the get-go with the intro, and if the synths are a bit too much sometimes, we can get into their tempos and guitars that flow from this smooth album, sang both in French and English. Overall, the record has something muffled and, paradoxically, very vibrant and saturated, giving out a peaceful mix of sensations. Last September has got our attention, but the true favourite of this album is Western with its strong rock influence. And in the end, we’re less into the tracks getting into electro as they leave us hanging.



The Offspring are back right in time. Their tenth album, Let The Bad Times Roll, is an observation of the world’s ill-state, and started when Trump got into power. Yet, released during a pandemic, this record is timeless when it comes to psychology (Breaking These Bones). We welcome back Coming For You and tracks going from hardcore punk to Pop. And we also get future hits, pretty original too, with the strong single Let The Bad Times Roll, a cover of In The Hall Of The Mountain King, instrumental here and coming from Ibsen’s Peer Gynt play, and the Broadway-like, with heavy horns that we love, We Never Have Sex Anymore. It was worth the wait!



When a cup breaks, there are two ways to fix it: either we hide the cracks, or, on the contrary, we enhance them. This Japanese technique is known as Kintsugi. With his EP Porcelain, Danny Addison enhances his own cracks in the best way. The four tracks are fascinating through their moving vulnerability. Tribe is the soft intro that caught us, with lyrics showing that the best intentions can be poisonous too. We got inspired and got into what was next: inner demons, creativity, introspection, calm and chaos. The guitar and violins are transcribing the moment between the latest perfectly. We want more.

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Glory – Tample

Let The Bad Times Roll – The Offspring

Tribe – Danny Addison

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