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Two albums, one EP, three very different, yet all soothing in a way, atmospheres. It’s Friday. And it’s time for our reviews for this week’s releases! Flashes.


Let’s go to Canada with duet Rumour Mill we’re just discovering through their simple, sober and light EP. Acoustic Sessions has a fitting name as the four tracks there are only made of voices, guitar, mandoline and violin. The multi-instrumentalists duet unveils their savoir-faire slowly, note after note, and we’re blown away by the harmonies, vocals and strings, within seconds. Anna and Aline are joined by Chris Sol on two tracks, and he’s a masculine presence that never overshadows them. Created during the pandemic, this EP is full of a softness that we’ll all welcome inside of us, on a Sunday morning or a Monday night.



If Twenty One Pilots manage to still compose some fascinating dark tunes, such as No Chances and Redecorate closing the opus, the duet is also a lot more optimistic in this new record with a pastel cover. The musical genres are crashing against one another, blurring us and we love it. Who needs too many labels? Of course, it’s true the tracks we’re more attracted to are the ones filled with rock, from the 60s power pop coming from Good Day, the more classical rock’n’roll notes of Never Take It, and the rest, funk and 80s Pop (Mulberry Street and The Outside). Scaled And Icy is a morale boost must-have.



I believe we’ve found a new mosh-pit hymn, made in France, that will soon be enjoyed in the reopening concert venues. Ideally, it has to be in an intimate club, so Johnny Mafia’s wild pop-punk-rock can bounce on the walls as much as the keen and in need of live events audience. Sentimental, it’s a passionately made album, a passion for great guitars that is. If the vocals mix is perfectible, it’s still enjoyable as we’re brought inside the studio with them, or rather in the sticky-floor venue that we miss, and it’s the first step. We basically empty our heads with the help of these infinite edgy riffs.

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