After a small moment of sadness, a day of low mood, we can get back on track with a beautiful record. Or even three. And we have exactly that, from pop to blues. Flashes.


Living her dreams, seeing other people’s happiness, looking for her own, with or without love, with or without women (Toutes tellement belles), that’s what KCIDY has written for her new record, Les Gens Heureux. It’s soft, tender, passionate, thoughtful and very, very indie. Genres are merging as the piano gets to love the jazz side of the drums, or the psyche ideas of the guitar (Larmes de croco). Very atmospheric, it holds something that reminds us of holidays by the seaside, in a vintage version (L’Amirale), and it’s also a nice introduction to summer (Plein été) and the passions met on thin sand.



We weren’t expecting anything less than a good album from The Black Keys. And Delta Kream is a good album, indeed. Blues as we like it, it might be less dancy than some of its predecessors and bears a calmness within it, a tribute atmosphere and a savoir-faire that we get a grasp of from the start with Crawling Kingsnake. The vocals are in the backseat, and it’s the chords grown from the guitar that are doing the talking. With some track length over five minutes, we really feel like being in the same room during impro time. The spirits are light and it’s ideal for an evening end.



Here’s a colourful first EP that invites warmth to settle in a cocoon, a garden, a mind and/or a heart. Inspired by African and Caribbean music, the duet Bastien and Taly are carried by the richness of several languages, as they open with Lingala and slowly go to English. With Milabé, they make Cuba and Congo meet musically, and it appears natural, organic and fuelled by love. The EP, Bastien & Taly is hopeful and knowledgeable, we get to hear a lot of diversity and a message of open-mindedness that’s needed, light, bright and solar.

Now Playing :

Souterrains – KCIDY

Going Down South – The Black Keys

Mibalé – Bastien & Taly

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