For today’s review, we went for atmospheres that are made for holidays, between pop and rock genres. And because the weekend is almost there, it’s the perfect timing! Flashes.


With an intro bright like the first lights of dawn, accompanied by water sounds, Junaco’s new album, Blue Room, gets something intimate and set easily in our daily life. The atmosphere here is warm, optimistic even, and we seem to walk inside a technicolour feature film. There’s something that reminds us of the Nouvelle Vague, in its aesthetics, its rhythm and the vocals. We feel connected to each note and the sensations coming along with them. There’s a form of subtle melancholia that comes to dance with groovy chords, giving to this record different layers, a beautiful depth and texture.



As intriguing and mysterious as The Emerald Isle, the new album by Dublin band Soda Blonde, Small Talk, wakes our imagination and curiosity up. It’s in a kind of pop carried by an admirable orchestral background that the story starts on Tiny Darkness. The strings are, then, becoming a lot more discreet and sober, only to be replaced in grandiosity by the vocals. Balanced, soft, or powerful and high (Swimming Through the Night, Holy Roses), they can’t leave us unmoved. It’s a record to dance to with closed eyes, speaking to intuition, to the inner world, as it brings some fresh air to the dancefloor.



The quartet from Dublin Inhaler couldn’t wait to release their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This. And when we listen to it, we get it. Nothing shows that it’s indeed their first long-playing record. They know what they’re doing, the guitars are confident, the vocals animated, and the tone is always fair. It’s a pop-rock universe that goes from a dream state (A Night On The Floor) to some funky chords (When It Breaks). The first track, naming the album, that, to us, brings it all with its radio-able qualities. Here’s an excellent start for the Irish band, and we hope that what they’ll bring next will be as exciting.

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Paradise – Junaco

In The Heat Of The Night – Soda Blonde

It Won’t Always Be Like This – Inhaler

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