It’s summertime, and music has understood that. We can’t think of anything but holidays, and these three records don’t plan on helping us. Flashes.


In a cool and pretty chill rock genre, Women of the Night have cooked a beautiful album, tasting like summer. But it’s not just any summer that is contained into Sub Rosa. It’s a nightly summer (Open All Night), wild (Money), lit (Dark Horsey), and sensual (Stir Crazy) that we get to discover there. The influences of old-school rock bands can be heard, and blues marries garage and, if we’d have liked one or two more explosive moments, we really enjoyed the sharp riffs and the hooky vocals that makes us hum the tune quickly. Perfect for ending an evening.



This beautiful record makes its heels clack on the concrete before taking us on the road. Click Click Domino looks a bit like a long desert and dusty road. But here, Ida Mae makes that dust rises through jointed distortion effects and precision (Click Click Domino, Long Gone and Heartworn), before letting it all fall back, very aesthetically, with mystical (Little Liars) or loving tracks (Learn To Love You Better). In any case, we ride on this journey with a smile and the landscape gets changing as much as the rhythms. The great harmony of this record can be found in the vocals, magically answering one another in a very fair and beautiful way.



No holidays by the sea this year? No worries, the time off by the sea is coming over through Californian Wavves’s new record, Hideaway. Made of surf rock, cool and sunny at the same time, the band is offering a new and welcomed breathe here. From the first notes of Thru Hell, we’re in. If the themes seem rather dark, the tone sets the contrast on high, striking us right to the heart. It’s an escape, a way out of our routine, well-thought and made of buzzing guitars (The Blame), a touch of humour and of introspection. To discover urgently.

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Stir Crazy – Women Of The Night

Long Gone and Heartworn – Ida Mae

Hideaway – Wavves

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