We’re still enjoying a somewhat of holiday, and going back to work is going to be hard. Thankfully we have these three freshly released albums today. Flashes.


Awaited, Jade Bird’s second album doesn’t disappoint. Different Kinds of Light is the logical continuity of her artistic evolution. DKOL as an intro unveils this new era, and its golden aura holds something familiar inside its new core. Jade Bird’s vocals are charming as always, and with her guitar, she brings us into a softer world than her previous effort. Composed, she let her pen describe how she gets lost, doubts, loves, lives. I’m Getting Lost, Honeymoon, Houdini and Now Is The Time, amongst others, are effortlessly good. If it’s slightly long, this new record is hugely welcomed into our collection.



The introduction is intriguing, and it’s all we need to let the door slowly open on Lowly Throne, an epic musical universe for EĐĐIE’s debut LP. Pop comes, seduces us, takes our hand and rushes us into an unexpected and improvised mosh-pit. Rock explodes when we least expect it to. It’s bright, vibrant, known and sympathetic. Within this electric dancing atmosphere, we discover calibrated vocals, a well-thought overall and very clean production. Our biggest favourite here is Carmen Electra, as it represents everything we love about this opus. Ought to be listened to urgently.



Surprising, Pressure Machine by The Killers follows their previous release by months only. The general setting here is very different though. Cold and nostalgic, it’s a record made of thinking about Brandon Flowers’ origins. And it’s also very folk and cinematographic. Spoken interludes are sometimes a touch long but form, together, soft testimonies and portraits that everyone can understand. If the whole introspective side of this opus is a bit dark, it is still a very nice effort to enjoy in a quiet moment.

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Different Kinds of Light – Jade Bird

Carmen Electra – EĐĐIE

Quiet Town – The Killers

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