It’s Friday! It’s time to get into three new records, just freshly released. And, as per usual, we’re onto amazing guitar riffs and stories. Flashes.


A lot can happen in just under twenty minutes. Things can be rather intense. Big Nothing, new EP by Oxford-based band Kanadia, is filled with that type of intensity. Electric from the first to the last breath, we dive into a pool of powerful (Holes, Desert Song) or softer (Big Nothing) riffs. It’s the epic, modern and completely mad Devoured that wins it all and becomes our favourite. Simple reason: within five minutes, the track brings solos, vocals, atmosphere, surprising changes, harmonies, and let its influences spread around us before exploding. Amazing.



Bright, solar and filled with a kind of optimism, The Skinner Brothers’ new EP, Culture Non-Stop, has something rather intimate. It’s made for human scale, and yet it couldn’t be set in any other place than London as its spirits stick to our skin like the air in a central line underground train. With Mountain High and Culture Non-Stop, we’re walking on that beat, straight forward, trying to see, to do, to try everything. Told You So brings us back to earth and Jericho Star breathes something fresh, setting us in parks. We’re basically living this EP as much as we’re listening to it.



A colourful sleeve, a dark title. There’s no doubt about it: Already Dead by Willy Mason is made of strong and ambitious contrasts. Youth on a Spit drains our energy, and we happily let it do so. We then discover a more experimental side of this record, where colours get front and centre stage, in You’d Like to Be Free. The vocals are deep, a soft echo can be heard. There’s something organic, physical, and close to us in Oh My Country, something retro-futurism aesthetic in Slowslide, and something Pop in Outwit the Devil. Contrast. Everywhere, at all times. We love it.

Now Playing :

Holes – Kanadia

Mountain High – The Skinner Brothers

Worth It – Willy Mason

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