Two anticipated records and a nice surprise, that’s what makes it to our selection from today’s releases. Our reviews contain but aren’t limited to, softness. Flashes.


We’ve waited a while for it, but Calva Louise’s debut album has a very fitting name. Euphoric. It’s the exact word we’d use to describe our mood when the first riffs of Free To Be Lost resonate. The whole record is energy-packed, in English and in Spanish. We get the powerful Hunting, Belicoso and Other Self, to which we add the electro-inspired Trial, Tiranito and Ephemeral (featuring Blakeeleven), among others. In this spiral, all genres passing through Calva Louise’s strings are getting out renewed, changed, sublimed. Already convinced by the band, this effort is an aesthetic confirmation. The music industry can’t go on without them.



It’ll be hard to ignore this one. Solar Power, the new album by New-Zealander singer Lorde, was anticipated, that’s the least we can say. And it was rightly so. The vocals are composed, the project is strong, unique, and musically we’re melting into the solar pop-folk the artist is offering us. The instruments are mostly discreet (California, The Man with the Axe…) and it’s with vocals first that Lorde bewitches us. We particularly enjoy the end of summer sensation coming from it, rather bitter-sweet. This record gets into the talented artist’s simplicity and authenticity. A must.



Listened to first thing in the morning, mostly by chance, Nothing’s Real Anymore is standing perfectly as a soft alarm clock. Bright, calm and dreamy, we step into the universe of Late Runner, Asger Tarpgaard’s new project, with simple elegance. The vocals and the echoes that go with them are the main core of this effort and push the dream spirit the music then, between pop and folk, highlights and colours. With Spring, In My Castle, or A Handful of Dust, we get that all the atmospheres are different and yet belonging to the same harmonious place. A beautiful one that deserves a break, fresh air, or a coffee to be enjoyed with.

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