It’s (already) the end of summer… and the end of August too! It is time to get into some beautiful records released earlier this year. Flashes.


It’s the distant voice of Squirrel Flower that opens her new album discreetly, softly, on a massive universe, something bigger than us. Planet (i) is a clear experience full of contradictions that balance one another as we listen to it. Intimate and epic, it’s an album of incredible kindness only messed up by waves of energy coming from Outerspace. With a guitar always nearby, folk or electric, Squirrel Flower proposes a sensorial experience that evolves with each new track. She adds to them the discovery of new interstellar horizons. Of course, we can’t resist it. Sublime.



From the southern hemisphere, band Finn makes its blues sound resonate with elegance. We’re getting into this new record, Stonewalling, right away thanks to the rolls and the warmth coming from the very first track. The rest is as appealing and fun, but that’s not all… As we go forward, in a moment of peace (Tangerine), we get inspiration from the news (Covid Blues, Donald Trump Blues) and history (The Firing Line) without ever ridicule them. Their blues-rock is becoming the right channel for their cathartic lyrics. Aggressive and soft in turns, the whole this is touching and strong. Impressive.



Symbol of a personal uncertain time, the song Into The Blue opens The Joy Formidable’s new record, also named Into The Blue. We’re getting lost in the labyrinth of sharp riffs, dream-like vocals, powerful drums, so we can find ourselves again. The band doesn’t make right or wrong choices here. They’re living, breathing, experimenting and the result makes us spin, particularly with the mid-album track Gotta Feed My Dog. Directly follows the fantastic, latin-inspired, Something New, contrasting with the rest of it. And that’s what we love: contrast, unexpected, trying new things. It’s a success.

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