Punk, rock and blues. These three pillars which are, if we’re honest, the very base of our musical nutrition, are getting three beautiful additions to their already impressive Palmares. We can’t resist any of them and we sink into raging and soft riffs alike. Flashes.


Life is disgusting, sticky, surprising and bright. Sticky, the fourth effort by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, is the result of the infusion of this description into a steaming bowl of brilliant punk rock, with nailed vocals and a violent bpm. Invited for some tunes, Joe Talbot, Lynks, Cassyette and Bobby Gillespie all propose fresh additions, in adequation to Carter’s and The Rattlesnakes’ ideas. We can’t resist the injunction to get a tattoo (Go Get A Tattoo ft. Lynks) before destroying patriarchy with an axe (Off With His Head ft. Cassyette). The message is clear and it goes through via pure bangers. An essential and potential record of the year.



If ĀPĪ opens on the immensity and the softness of Ocean, it’s through blues that Masstø’s strings and chords are resonating first. Already with the second track, Woman, we’re into it, our guts asking for more. Deep and dark, the EP evolves through different layers harmoniously. Quickly, we’ve become attached to the dancing 60s’ vibes of Misery as much as to the slithering Black Snake which, through six minutes, hypnotises us. As a bonus, we get a live session for Baby’s Gone, recorded at La Lune des Pirates. Fascinating in both voices and souls, Masstø is raising our expectations for their future.



What a joy to discover a new musical translation of the ocean spray and mist so moving and close to the heart. With Little Drum, the three musicians show a glimpse of their multiple talents in Darling Ocean Ep. Their friendship comes around every note and set a strong base for the rest of the record. A beautiful sincerity, a good amount of poetry, and a lot of love, with just four tracks, Darling Ocean, Love Is The Key, Runner and Traffic And The Rain, the London-based band is convincing, sets its world around us and we don’t want it to go away. Sublime.

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Bang Bang – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes ft. Lynks

Misery – Masstø

Traffic And The Rain – Little Drum

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