For today’s new release, we’re diving into a debut album by a rising band! Gustaf has caught our eye some months ago with their track Design. It is time for us to listen to their LP Audio Drag For Ego Slobs. Review.

Our bags are ready: let’s meet in New York! Well, not exactly. We should meet in a very specific area of the city that never sleeps, in a hidden corner, in the dark, and that’s where Gustaf will welcome us with open arms with their debut album Audio Drag For Ego Slobs. In it, the band is looking into their setbacks, their anxieties and their joys too, and compose these very arty, very rough, very powerful songs.

Between new wave and garage, Gustaf doesn’t choose. Why choose when both of them are mixing so well in this electric atmosphere? The vocals are smashing against the walls and the room vibrates. Slightly worrying with Dream, the women-led band also knows how to increase the pressure with bright and catchy tunes like Mine and Best Behavior.

Notes aren’t always where we’re expecting them to be. This is also what we love about this record. Getting surprised both by what’s familiar in here as much as by what is new is amazing. As a diamond in the rough that, we hope won’t get too polished in the future, Gustaf is rightfully getting our attention. Nonchalant and genuine, the record is a sensory experience too.

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