A New Music Friday is upon us, and our selection is composed of a record ideal for Halloween, a debut album with a couple of retro ideas, and a perfect EP to celebrate winter. Flashes.


Sometimes fully chaotic in their chords, Bullpup manages to convince us thanks to their passion, powerful and endless, coming from both their melodies and tries on this new album, Be Evil. With strong themes amongst which death of innocence and humanity’s inability to communicate in an ultra-connected world, Bullpup encapsulate this deep uneasiness. Some tracks are clearly stronger than others (Actor, Good Death) and the whole thing is a touch unbalanced, yet we’re curious to hear more in the future.



If the first notes seem to open the portal between us and the one in which the game Undertale is taking place, the rest of this album, Deathretro, gives us more analogical sounds. Spatial guitars, hell-bound bass, strong gritty drums, and the beat speeds up. We’re getting back into the virtual world with Cycles, Part 1 and 2, absolutely hypnotic and mark a real shift in the atmosphere for the rest of the record. Thanks to this debut album, we know that band Deathretro is only starting with their retro-modern punk rock.



To get from autumn to winter peacefully, what’s better and an EP celebrating winter’s solstice, or Jól in the original version. It’s what SKÁLD is offering with their surprise EP Winter Songs. The poetry and atmosphere are superbly immersive from Jólanótt to Þat Mælti Mín Móðir. Based on traditional music and nordic legends and sang in old Norse, the whole record is a success, mysterious and charming. The intimate versions of Grótti and Rún are also sublime and tender. It’s an EP that we will keep close to us this winter!

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Actor – Bullpup

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Villeman og Magnhild – SKÁLD

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