We’re knocked out! SATE doesn’t have time to stay in line, to be just nice. And we’re grateful, that’s not what we want from her. By breathing a deep and powerful spirituality into her new record The Fool, the artist summons warm energies. Can we restrain from hitting replay after the first round? Of course not.

Sensual with Howler, SATE assumes her influences, her being and her independence. Every cry goes through us, like an incantation, and gives birth to a feeling of satisfaction and immense confidence. Dirty Little Lie, the previous track, is equally fascinating and catchy. I Call Her, eerie and mystical, and one of some of the smart interludes the record has is a breaking point before the explosive Nobody. Weight On Me, a calm track, has something dense, insightful and epic, thrilling through its highest and most physical notes.

Between a dirty rock, gritty blues and stormy soul, SATE is bringing it. With her impressive vocals and pogo-summoning energy, the artist is getting intimate by touches, with memories, reading her own path in the cards.

Major arcana in a tarot deck, the core of this record, could each find an echo in these songs which are making us dive into a vital and cathartic introspection. SATE has put a very efficient spell on us, and we have no intention to fight it. We are enchanted and let ourselves be, now we wait with impatience to see this rock tornado on stage. A massive favourite for us!

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Nobody – SATE

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