We could have spent our weekend listening to Ambiance Skandal and Trei Degete (and actually we might finish it like so), but we also had these three jewels to listen to, less pop and a lot more rock. Flashes.


This is glam rock gone through a spaceship’s engine. This is what we wanted and what we got. If they’re not surprising us, The Darkness makes us happy and conquers us once more with their new record Motorheart. Flamboyant and bright as we expect them to, the band goes to some poetic and darker inspirations, getting us into an end-of-level boss fight, both mysterious and cathartic, like in Welcome Tae Glasgae, Motorheart and Speed of the Nite Time.



Two voices are coming forward, together, on the mad and magnetic rhythm opening the records. The guitars seem keen to strip the walls of their paint with Perfuction whilst the drums give them more depth and layers. Marriage, Deap Vally’s new record, is really satisfying. Clean yet not too clean, we really feel the duet’s inspiration of 70s rock as well as some more modern, electro and pop, that are rather discreet. At the same time, they freed themselves from constraints and opened the record to collaborations. Billions, I Like Crime, I’m the Master and Tsunami are amongst our favourites. An unmissable album.



With an intro going on crescendo to worrisome and epicness, IDLES grabs us with them to an unapologetic punk record. With CRAWLER, the band gets back to their roots, what they are, what they want, without the expectation hanging above them. Fuck the world and carry on. They live through their music and it becomes organic, extending further than the place we’re listening to them in. Dark, it takes its time. But not everything is distorted, and the proof lies in The Beachland Ballroom and Progress. IDLES has a very specific way to invite us to meditation. And we really dig it.

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It’s Love, Jim – The Darkness

Tsunami – Deap Vally

Car Crash – IDLES

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📷: Simon Emmett

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