We’re catching up with some amazing releases, at last, this month with a nice variety of records to discover or rediscover. Instrumental, pop and new wave or close to, they ought to be listened to. Flashes.


A soft New Wave vibe is coming from the first notes of i walk this earth all by myself. And if Ekkstacy is making a lot of sense to us with their new album NEGATIVE, it’s thanks to this genre. We’re less attracted to the vocals at times, but the relaxing, soft and dreamy atmosphere is making up for it. It’s the type of record we’ll play for a nice rainy night in, reading a good book under a warm blanket. Careful though, it can make us feel a bit blue too, especially on a Sunday, as it isn’t the most optimistic of records.



Suddenly, in the corner of the room, a cathodic television is turning on. It’s in black and white for almost all the shows. Some funk vibes are bringing colours and some series have well-thought scenarios. The best thing is the soundtrack by The Prisoners who, in this eponymous record, mainly instrumental, is having a lot of fun covering TV and cinema alike: The Street of San Francisco, Dirty Harry, The Persuaders, and more. A beautiful timeless record between pop and cinema that ought to be discovered.



A bittersweet and vaporous pop, that’s what Sylvie Kreusch is proposing through her new album Montbray. Falling High is a slow-motion fall from a clear morning sky, extending and stretching out. Turns out, the landing is soft. Shangri-La and Let It All Burn are waking us up but the vast majority of the record is a lullaby that transports us in another world, possibly out of space and time, between futurism and yé-yé. We love the bubbly Walk Walk that is our guide in this voluptuous universe.


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It only gets worse, i promise – EKKSTACY

The Prisoners – The Prisoners

Walk Walk – Sylvie Kreusch

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