…Like Clockwork Artwork’s

Selection of artwork created by Boneface for the album… Like Clockwork

Of course, all the fans of Queens Of The Stone Age and lovers of novelty know this particular artwork made of black and white on a red background with a touch of blue… But here we’re going further because I’ve got the vinyl LP edition with the famous booklet between my hands!

First of all, the graphics are signed by Boneface. If we know his work, we recognize that here, his universe matches perfectly with the album.

The principal image, the first one we see as it’s the front cover of the album, is this vampire wrapping his victim in his long black cape. The black and white drawing with lines detailing the face, take an incredible strength by the choice of the red background and the light touch of blue for the tears. It gives the tone for the rest of the booklet.

Inside, an image straight out of the video clip animation for I Appear Missing precedes the white of the first page of the booklet. Impressive, as it’s adjusted to the size of the vinyl, it offers us a detailed illustration made with fine line marking the body and the other element presented. The artist presents us with morbid and cruel scenes taken from the zombie and western universe. They are generally realized in nuanced grey on plain black, white or red background, the latter one coming to elevate some bloody details. The meticulous and clean work links details and plain colours.

The lyrics take place on a page, the drawings get the other one for the majority of the songs. The texts are written with typography letting us think it’s the artist own lettering. The choice of the grey gives an agreeable reading on the black pages, and the occasional word in red gives some impact on them in the ensemble.

Two small additional touches complete this artwork incredibly well though oft: the bubble with the album title coming back on all the drawings, giving a look-alike comic style dear to the artist, as important as the apparition of the number 9 by three times, reminding the 999.

As a conclusion: it is an amazing work linking plain colour and fine details, working perfectly with the spirit of the album and well realised. The price of this vinyl is fair because of the treasure of the graphics. But be careful, some of them can be slightly dark or morbid for some people.

I invite you to visit Boneface website for more info.

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