It is hard to believe that Avancer is only the French band Tarsius‘ debut album. And yet… Flash

And yet it is the first. And the first word of this first album is “avancer” (translate to move forward). Tarsius presents us Avancer contre le vent, a funky and motivating title that we find ourselves singing from the second listening. The voice is an instrument and the text is its score. When words are well associated, it’s much easier to make the song immortal. This is exactly what the band does in the whole opus, in French as well as in English, with afro vibes (Use It Move It Do It, Afrobayou), disco vibes (Disco 2059) rock vibes (Le vaudou love, Dancing in the Graveyard) or funk vibes (Achète du sexe). The band was picky in the making their debut album. As a result it is a real musical gem not to be missed.

Listening: Avancer contre le vent

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