It seems like the Legend’s season is upon us, with, this time, the Queen of Pop, Madonna, and her new album, Madame X. Flash.

Madonna always has had a very special place in my musical universe. With extraordinnary shows, avant-garde, risks and provocation, her career is as flamboyant as a Jean-Paul Gaultier’s catwalk… and that’s quite logic. However, I did need a few listening to get to really appreciate Madame X. Yet, everything I just mentioned is everywhere in this opus. It is with an almost tense and worrying atmosphere that Madonna gets, here and there, some latino tradionnals (Medellín, Crazy, Bith I’m Loca), classical music (Dark Ballet), some electro-dance and of course bits of politics (Killers Who Are Partying). In short, everything that makes Madonna who she is. Following a label? She’ll do this only if she can bend it to tell what she wants. Whatever we thought, that’s what she’s doing from start to end with Madame X. And just for this, she’ll keep her very special place.

Now Playing : Medellín

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