Better late than never. That’s what we thought when we discovered this beautiful gem that is Sika Mila by Mahoran singer M’Toro Chamou. Review.

With this album, wearing Mayotte’s colours, M’Toro Chamou opens the doors of culture and history that many people don’t know, or too little. Available since April, the release of M’Godro Rebel’s video clip was our cue to talk about the powerfulness and the colours of the song and the album. 

When traditional rhythms are blended to occidental rhythms, it sparkles. We couldn’t ignore it. Clearly rich of influences from Africa and from all the rock music we can think of, we navigate between power and sweet melodies. M’Toro Chamou is thorough and thanks to the complexity of his composition, he creates new vibrations. Yet, the complexity seems easily natural to him.

Music translates every emotion, every message, with an immense accuracy without asking of us that we learn a whole new language. It is the magical force of music, after all, that M’Toro Chamou uses well to represent his culture, his island, his roots and his fights. A simple listen to M’Godro Rebel, Udjendra and C’est la vie (this one in French) is enough to understand him.

In forty minutes, we get to breathe new air, a fresh changing wind blowing on us, and we get more implicated and interested about the history of the island but also of one of its best ambassadors. M’Toro Chamou is probably one of the greatest and Sika Mila potentially his best work as of yet. 

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