A great album, a probable new favourite, is released this Friday 24th. It is Fuel Fandango’s fourth album, Origen, and it’s full of love and new colours. Review.

With this new album, the Spanish band Fuel Fandango rises in a universe between urban mythology and nature’s call. Sang entirely in Spanish, the album gets its roots from everywhere and beyond, from rock to electro, Cuban, Spanish and African music, for a grown mix that makes of Origen an international electro-pop must-have.

Mi Danza, the first title, opens the ball with a royal flair. Lively and colourful on Silencio as much as on Huracán de Flores, the whole of it is inspiring and perfectly balanced between nature and cities, but as if in a new world, an ideal world or a work-in-progress world. Plants give colours to the usual grey of cities that, little by little, adapts with love to a new life form.

The album translates themes that seem deeply important to those who wish to change the world and yet it keeps the uniqueness and vision of the band’s character. Kindness is found in every note sung by Cristina Manjón or played by Ale Acosta.

Free and modern, powerful and openminded, this opus by Fuel Fandango is probably the origin of a new era for the band. And maybe for the rest of the world too, who knows?

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