As the world starts to (slowly sometimes) self-isolate, in a good or bad way (Boris being the bad there) music continues to amaze us and to allow us to dream. Therefore, have three new flashes.



It would have been hard to find a more fitting soundtrack for what we are living now than Hunger, Refuge’s new album. On dry and ashy grounds, Refuge is standing up, facing the apocalypse. Or is actually the incarnation of a future rebirth? Inspired by Wajdi Mouawad’s theatre play Incendies with a song called Nawal and by Indian culture infusing in his pop and rhythms, Refuge shows his vulnerability with great courage. Proud, he is as inspired as he is inspiring, looking forward to being himself. Listening to him is like finding shelter in music, it is finding hope and strength when we need them. Available on 20th March.




Cavale is Cavale’s very first EP. We are discovering today her colourful and rock universe. Her voice is covering everything, echoing through the room and filling it with power as guitars get us through a hurricane of happy riffs. And that’s just Future. Past is its mirror, calmer, yet we’re still hooked. Alone Together, on top of having a rather ironically fitting name, is a perfect mix of these two atmospheres, and in twenty minutes this EP puts Cavale high in our favourites. Concentrated in positivity and energy, we are sure to listen to it in the morning of its release on 20th March.




As we are in such an uncertain time, we’re having a listen to Lou Tavano’s new album Uncertain Weather, available since 31st January. In French or in English, Tavano is enchanting us with her angel-like voice that touched us so much the first time. What a pleasure to have her back in her vocal jazz, with her tender and growing talent ! Her voice lays notes like bubbles on the surface of clear water created by the instruments and there, Tavano has us dancing on Memories of Tomorrow as much as on Le fil de la vie. Calm and kind.


Now Playing:

Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka – Refuge

Future – Cavale

Simple Ways to Be – Lou Tavano

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