Small albums or big EPs, these have been released on the 3rd April and since we’re really enjoying them. On the side of chill pop, it is time to put the light on them. Flashes



With a melancholic pop-rock If You Wanna Go is unveiling itself as one of the many sides of this new EP by French band Bear’s Towers. Named, rightfully, Prism, this EP gives us four tracks that are unique, bearing a strong sense of style, as they are creating a whole homogenous piece. The voice slightly hoarse, the band gets folk, rock and pop with humility and softness. Vertigo, the first track of this opus, is the kind of track to get stuck in your head for a while and it is with great assumed pleasure that we’re listening to it on repeat.




Spruce, it’s the kind of EP we first listen thinking we’re going to be focused on it when, actually, it only asks of us to let it go. That feeling comes, intuitive and inevitable, as the words of Hunger gets around us. Al Pride is a mix of voices, a great way for pop to opens the windows on time and upcoming summer. And, as if we needed another proof, the whole impression also gets into the catchy and bubbly Another Vibe, which gets us immediately, whether we’re focused or not.




Let’s take a little more vitamins with our isolation. That’s when we need the eclectic dance-rock by Dopamoon with this new album, Dopamoon. With some voices (Who Says?, Reine de l’attitude), or without (Comme la lune), the rhythm, like a cat, falls back on its feet and makes us jump on ours. Impossible to resist to the riffs of Mezcalight, Nag Champa Bong with Natalia M. King, or Time is Money with Sarah Rebecca. Sugary and incontrollable, we get surprised all along the way with an intense feeling of satisfaction. Unmissable.

Now Playing:

Vertigo – Bear’s Towers

Another Vibe – Al Pride

Time is Money – Dopamoon

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