It’s already the 3rd of April and underground band TOPS is offering us one of the best gifts ever: their new album I Feel Alive. So this is a not-objective-at-all review of it, as it is, from the first listen, a favourite.

As we can get out for just under an hour per day, we might as well get out with the best tracks. In thirty-five minutes, TOPS’ new album, I Feel Alive, gets us back on our feet with the perfect soundtrack to our daily time out. We feed our soul with spring imagery, feeling lighter in this deafening silence coming from our empty, erased and isolating city.

I Feel Alive – TOPS

We feel simply alive. Yeah, the name of the album rings true in every note we listen to. Slowly, we feel regenerated and we couldn’t dream of a better thing to listen to in this weird time, looking at the blue sky from our sofas.

And if we can’t go out at all, or it’s raining? That’s not an issue as Direct Sunlight is a little sun formed by sound, I Feel Alive is our needed fresh air coming from inside, OK Fine Whatever makes us chill and even the softer Ballads & Sad Movies or Take Down are wrapping us with happy feeling like a warm cup of tea, a blanket on us, the rain pouring down.

With a little something from the 80s, the sensual Colder & Closer continues to make us dance in our park/garden/living room without us thinking too much, whereas Drowning in Paradise offers us a romantic instant, a small and weird smile appearing while we get the French-speaking break (saying she’s on her sofa and only gets up for a shower).

Honest and animated by good vibes, TOPS is proposing a small amount of positive and shines through and through with this new album, a must-have to listen on repeat. And for all these times we don’t know what to do or what we’re doing, at home, well it is a relief.

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