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Le Couleur proposes Concorde. Cabin crew arm doors and cross-check. Careful, please, it’s going to be fast. Le Couleur is taking us on board for a nice journey, a departure from Montréal, and in a lovely Concorde, we have a nice Vol d’Après-Midi (afternoon flight). Or even a simple one (Un Simple Vol d’Après-Midi) featuring Valence. We fly over Désert and see some Oiseaux Sauvages (wild birds). The atmosphere is quiet, yet we notice that we’re already singing rhythms we didn’t know before. The voices marry with elegance and we don’t regret this nice new flight company. Available in September.



Ron Sexsmith_visuel_album

Ron Sexsmith is welcoming us on his estate within his new album Hermitage with some birds and the wind getting in the trees. His pop is so soft that we can see his guitar as the prolongation of his soul. Spring The Following Year has something reassuring that reminds us that nothing is forever and that we just need to wait to see a beautiful new spring coming. Morning Town is a peaceful moment in an empty town, in the early morning. Glow in the Dark Stars, Winery Blues, Is It or Isn’t It and Think of You Fondly, every track gets its smile, breath and good mood to the mix.



Hailey Tuck - Coquette

Small time-travel trip seems like a nice little idea, doesn’t it? It’s what we get with Coquette, Hailey Tuck’s new EP. So we get into the time travel machine and we follow her through the jazz Paris, in the times of another crisis and other ideas, yet with a very modern flair and a natural romanticism. We imagine her as a strong and independent James Bond girl on A Bit of You, as a chic and kind poetry writer on Juste Quelqu’un De Bien, and with the greatest simplicity with Talkin’ Like You, accompanied by talkative birds.

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