While this lockdown situation is continuing happily (or less happily), the good Samaritans from The Deniro’s, the surf rock band from Toulouse, release a new album, Surfin’ In Love. Time to listen to it.

Why would we listen to an album that urges us to go to the beach to enjoy it? Well, because it just feels right and that it gets us to try out a new sport: surfing on our sofas. And if you wear your swimsuit, it just adds realism to it. No one will judge you. (Honestly, try it, it’s fun. Especially if the sun coms right inside your living room… or bedroom… whatever you have).

Pochette Surfin' in Love

The first musical sentences from Are We Surfin’ to You? Yes We Are or from Beach, Please are so efficient, we jump on our feet and move around instead of running to the beach. And these are not the only tracks. Even the calmer ones like Surfin’ in Love, Ride (All the Time), Midnight Surf or Farewell, Lonely Old Surfer have something warm, vintage and profoundly additive to them.

Of course, the great meteorologist Robert DeNiro (have a look at Some Good news with John Krasinski Ep. 2 on Youtube… honest, do it, it’s funny) doesn’t only give his name to the band. He actually is an endless source of references in this album and has clearly influenced the whole band’s DNA. And believe me, it goes beyond music. Just listen to Buddy Bobby to convince you with a sweary and sunny language.

This small bowl of fresh air lasts about thirty minutes and becomes a must-have for the last weeks of April. Surfin’ In Love has been released last weekend and since we’ve been listening to it on repeat, at least more than three times (truth is, we stopped counting after three but it’s way more). Overall, this almost inexhaustible source of good vibes makes us want to get a small hammock so we could listen to it again in the best possible condition. Where would you listen to it?

Now Playing: Surfin’ In Love

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