If we love Hanni El Khatib’s dark and trashy universe, his new album FLIGHT leaves us unsure. Review.

From the very first moments of CARRY, we get back to El Khatib’s whisky voice, echoing. The atmosphere is heavy but optimist, worrying yet motivating. Soon, we’re shaken and walked along to surprisingly land on GLASSY, getting on without us really noticing.

We wished for more raging music, putting his voice on the foreground. Yet, it is not rage that Hanni El Khatib gives birth to. Inside every single one of his notes, it is passion we get under a different shape.

FLIGHT-HEKLPNo filters here. El Khatib seems to be levitating in the air as he proposes something strange yet inspiring that we have a hard time to describe. We aren’t blaming him, though, as we are falling for HARLOW and hypnotized by COLORS and HOW.

Despite all this, FLIGHT doesn’t have the same shape as its predecessors. Full of qualities, sincerity and soft energy, there’s something missing that lives us waiting all along. Maybe an overdose of electronics where we hoped for more electrics?

Still, let’s be fair: the performance is to be saluted. Overall, we experienced tracks with complementary atmospheres that still can live independently from one another, although they make more sense when listened together. A disconcerting collage that is the result of many changes and that reinvent El Khatib.

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