We really had a lot to catch up on and now that it’s done, we’ve discovered that all we needed was rock music followed by some softness. We can’t deny it. Flashes.


Band from Saint-Nazaire, Ko Ko Mo have a lot of energy to offer and when everything was different in 2019, they released a beautiful little nugget of music, all yellow and powerful, Lemon Twins. Because they’ve just released a new single, a cover of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, we’re catching up with it. Guitars are queens and are dominating the stage, from start to finish, the whole record is a new favourite of ours that we don’t want to leave aside. So we’re playing it on repeat until we can’t. And we still can.



Punk à la IDLES is an explosion of mosh-pit on simple but ravaging riffs. The enormous yoga ball the guy on the cover gets in the face, it’s exactly what we feel when listening to Ultra Mono. Yoga relaxes. IDLES lets off steam. The distortion on the vocals on War is showing the brute strength the band is capable of. It’s the type of record we get to headbang and crash into walls of death along. And on top of that, IDLES adds a little bit of suspense. It’s a stubborn punk, but then again, isn’t it what we’re expecting of it?



There he is, Woodkid attracts us once more into his world through his awaited new album S16. The world is on verge of destruction and with his dark and lyric universe that Woodkid’s voice rises on these new tracks, we already consider as classics. Balancing on a tight rope when listening to Shift, we’re close to letting ourselves fall with him. Of course, everything is of great efficiency and we get back to a precise rhythm and the sobriety of the composer. Everything to catch us, obviously.


Now Playing :

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – Ko Ko Mo


In Your Likeness – Woodkid

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