Once more, here are two albums to catch up and one premiere that we’re sharing. It was an avalanche of musical crushes for us that, we hope, you’ll make your favourites too. Flashes.


Careful, musician from Nantes GAUME has sharpened his guitar – and he won’t hesitate to use it for our greatest pleasure. His new album Call It What You Want has a hooky intro but it’s actually the second track, Haters Gonna Hate Me that really convinced us. A musical crush very efficient that will stay with us for days. And the rest of this pop-rock opus also gives us attitude (Front Row Seat) and it’s full of promises for the future. With his loaded guitar, we must say we can’t wait to see the riff fly live.



LGBT artist Dolche is taking us on a multilingual poetic ride through her new album Exotic Diorama. Colourful and light, this opus is also lyrical and bearing great mystical energy that captivates us with every note. With the flourishing French on Anatomie du cœur, the thrilling suspense of English on Big Man, or the romantic softness of Italian on Canzone d’Amore, Dolche is growing as a bubbly feminine feminist activist prestress that has a lot of love to offer. She’s also made a Holiday perfect song with Universal Gloria. We’re charmed.



The sun hasn’t said its last words as The Belmondos release Memory Lane. More than just a musical translation of sunshine, the French band has created, through this opus, a mean to layout their joyful notes on a canvas of nostalgia. Some rhythms awake words like vintage and retro in us, especially with Love Is All and Better Than Nothing, closing the album. With their spicy riffs, we’re sure of it, The Belmondos have some character. Their best profile always put forward, they’ll vogue on the French and, hopefully, on the international scene without troubles. Or at least that’s our wish for them.

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