Like every last Thursday of the month, it is time to catch up with three albums released earlier this month, this year or even last year. We can’t leave them behind. Flashes.


After a really sympathetic, eclectic and energetic debut EP, 3 Kids & a Mortgage, artist Lewca comes back this year with Walking The Hedgehog. The one saying he was enduring his music asks of us to do the same and endure it with him. But this is far from torture or punishment. It’s a real treat to discover sombre tracks (Fallen), sticky like a pub’s floor (Young and Foolish, Giggle), hypnotic and crazy (Nuffink, Giggle), or absolutely ravishing (Bad Man). His universe is rich, inspired by 1001 wonders and in harmony with himself. Raw sincerity like we love it.



The American Far West, where the landscape can change quicker than what we think, is at the heart of this blues record. French blues record. Inspired and in love with the genre, Louis Mezzasoma offers, through the English-speaking and giddy Mercenary, tracks of great quality. Sound and image got some texture, for a natural result. We think that the intricacy of the notes, their energy and their succession isn’t due to chance, nor it is coming from an artist staying in his lane. Kick Some Ass, John-Lewis, Home Aloneall are marked by instinct.



The femininity and love coming from SISTER, new album by Mina Tindle released in October 2020, are solid bases and yet feel like a cloud. Tindle’s voice is tender, and the music follows her, close or afar, through echoes and resonance sublimed by the delicacy of the productions. Indian Summer shows this beautifully, along with the ten minutes long Triptyque, a pastel colour fresco. Louis and Belle Pénitence highlight half of the record with French sang moments. The piano is bubbly, the drums are softening, and the vocals fly, us behind them.

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