It’s time for our catching-up session of the month, with EPs and albums released between last December and last week. Three records that really need to be listened to. Flashes.


Between a soft dream-like atmosphere and a spatial experiment, debut album by Birthmarked, self-titled Birthmarked, is really easy to listen to. The spatial side of it, contained in some of the guitar riffs and synths chords, is always in the right tune. We’re feeling it through tracks like Inspiration and Anonymous. On All That City’s Yours, we’re having a glimpse of funk lines out of the rounded bass. The vocals are in harmony and complete one another with tenderness. Pretty optimistic, it’s the kind of album that makes us smile and empties our mind. We highly recommend it.



We could think to be in the American wild west when actually we’re in Northern England, in Manchester, where Villanelle & The Northern Wonder are composing a dark universe with a very peculiar aura. Dark Days at the Grand is an EP that acts as a bridge between the two lands, linked by music. We’re discovering here the desert-like Clever Girl, the motel room lightened by the outside neon Room 30, the deep Oh God, and the mysterious and spiritual Horoscope Wytch. Released mid-April, the duet’s EP, like this last track, has fascinated us.



With a classical garage punk opening, Pornsick, EP by British band Femegades, sets the tone. Pornsick, the track, is about consent, Safe Sex and Leash are more focused on violence, Stealing Numbers is about trust and betrayal, and World Turning, probably the track that we enjoy the less, and the shortest, is more turned about ending a relationship, everything from the point of view of suffering women. These essential themes are of huge importance for the band and we really feel them implicated and passionate. The guitars are roaring, the basses are deep, and if the mix isn’t perfect, the spirit of it is catchy enough for us to be into it. It’s a promising start.

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Whisky – Birthmarked

Horoscope Wytch – Villanelle And The Northern Wonder

Pornsick – Femegades

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