dodie’s new record is a musical transcription of the human existence complexity through the prism of her life. Review.

Living, being a human being, can be complicated. Through her new album, Build A Problem, dodie manages to musically conveys this complexity with great accuracy. Very personal, this record couldn’t have been made in another way.

It is her heart and soul, her troubles and feelings, that are directing the London-based artist’s words. Her spirit must compose with daydreams and depression. And her mental health, dodie has turned it into her muse. Her questionings are metamorphosing into complex arrangements, ancient singing, cryptic titles ? and . ), in a chain of instant containing way more than one emotion at a time.

For me, Build A Problem is made of lace, threaded and sewn with the voice by an artist with superb and vulnerable talent. The finesse is showing in every moment, every breath, every echo, every note. The introduction, Air So Sweet, is only a glimpse of that.

dodie composes with great precision an album that will please fans of whispers as much as to those who prefer the highs and lows by the background vocals, powerful and mystical. The guitar is often discreet, the violins transcending and bring us to tears.

Again, she is opening her heart and soul to her fans whilst protecting herself with music, creating an invisible distance from the stage. The freshness side of Build A Problem invites us to rest, to think, to calm down, and to love, ourselves and others equally. A peaceful record.

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