Today, we’ve put our focus on superb releases led by feminine voices. Loads of qualities, harmonies and heavy guitar riffs (because we can’t resist, of course). Flashes.


With their debut album, the French band Mountain Fire is unveiling a mystical universe in which their harmonious vocals are mixing intricately, patiently and lightly. Intriguing, the singings are almost shamanic on Fog, La nuit, Black Wolf, and Inari. If we’re not thinking about pure witchcraft here, we do see a real wish for osmosis with nature and airs, which, on top of being efficient, is beautiful. Echoes is an album of songs in which the language doesn’t matter as much as the feelings they’re carrying. If it’s not our prefered genre, the result is convincing. Perfect for a nature walk.



Signed in French, Alice Animal’s rock is wild and raging. The guitarist opens the ball with the excellent Tandem, where her vocals got high and far. And Tandem is also the name of this second record, that quickly convinced us. Between two Californian journeys, in the desert (Tes éléphants roses) or in the city (Finir à L.A.), Alice Animal claims what’s hers: her independence, full and with no condition. That’s how she turns up the volume on the super catchy Mauvais Garçon, as she gives the finger to the genders injunctions. In seven tracks, Alice Animal is doing it all with her passion for words and shows that her interests are lying with rock music.



When a small part of Louisiane has settled in the heart of the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, The Amber Day has blossomed. We couldn’t dream of a better set as we see and hear the harmony in the band through every note played, sang or even thought of in the short silences of the bridges. Stellar, this EP, simply named The Amber Day, is an ode to the upcoming summer and becomes the soundtrack to our golden hour. Burned has become an instant favourite with the first listen, but every track is bringing a smile to our lips, even the calmest and quietest ones (Round). Do not miss on this pearl.

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