The weekend is here at last, and to go with it, we’ve got a great selection of new records to listen to! Three very different atmospheres, between nature, saturation and kindness. Flashes.


Tribute to an earth deity, Myrtille’s new album, Onilé, has been named after them in Yoruba. Nature is, of course, at the heart of all of the French singer’s lyrics, carried by her golden voice (Aurpès de mon arbre, La neige fond, Tout donner au vent, Onilé, Méditation). The colours taken by the different tracks, between French variety and folk, are coming from all across the world and their intensity becomes introspective and personal (Qui je suis), to a point that it also has something universal. Fifteen years after her debut album, this new project is a brilliant success for Myrtille who signs here an album with a powerful inner Sun.



Oh, what a bummer… is definitely not something you’ll say when you’ll have had a listen to this record. Bummer, because that’s its name, plays with tears, rips, distortion and saturation. It has a gripping impact, and we fly in the ropes after the uppercuts openings of Victoria Park, The Drake, No Sweat and more. cleopatrick have, like before, a lot of energy to spare, translate in music, and channel. And thanks to them, we also channel our energy. It lasts just under thirty minutes, and we’re exhausted at the end, but it’s almost not enough still… so they’re now on repeat!



As the sunny week we had is coming to an end, Blue Weekend arrives in a timely manner with its poised, electric, nostalgic, and even a touch bitter, sometimes, atmosphere. We’re chilling between the guitar strings, which are letting their chords drag a bit, and Ellie Roswell’s echoing vocals, projecting us out of this world. A touch dreamy, a bit pop, we were expecting it… and yet this record has charmed us, without fail, with its intro (The Beach), and its tender and light break (Safe From Heartbreak (if you never fall in love) and How Can I Make It Ok?). Although they have some dated 80s sounds, Wolf Alice is in harmony with today’s music.

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Tout donner au vent – Myrtille

Victoria Park – cleopatrick

How Can I Make It Ok? – Wolf Alice

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