For today’s New Music Friday, we’re focusing on three very efficient EPs. It is time to confirm our saying ‘small yet powerful’. Flashes.


We’re starting with a brilliant English punk, The Liars Club, a bit messy and it shows its teeth more so to smile at us than to bite, though. But let’s be careful still, we don’t want to lose a finger here… and if they aren’t bitten off, they could be crushed by the possible mosh-pits that the roaring vocals and guitars are summoning in this EP. Of Self is mixing a tribute, traumas, a conscience of mental and physical health, and many genres, all loved by the band. The whole thing gets phenomenally powerful and it’s bound to raise hell in the clubs soon enough. Tutankhamun, 8 Tonne and Cactus, we leave nothing on the side.



It’s their second EP this year, and it’s in an atmosphere, still between psychedelic and happy desert rock, that the duo Deap Vally returns. With American Cockroach, we’re diving into something colourful, almost kitsch but not completely as the vocals make everything deep and elegant. I Like Crime, featuring Jennie Vee, is one track that stays from the first listening. As for American Cockroach that follows, it’s a small bomb made of thrilling guitar riffs that goes off. We don’t have to look far to get it. Deap Vally is a band to count on, always, and that proves its talents and power with every new record!



The Finish band Planet Case is brand new, to us. Very Pop in their introduction, with this six tracks EP, R, they’re still marking some points thanks to the mix of epicness and sombre rock. It’s through the addition of orchestral strings and brass that they’re showing their differences and underlining their Pop potential. Are You Gonna Give Me Some Love? is probably one to rise into many playlists along with the fascinating Royal. If Uncertain works a bit less for us, we’re still enjoying the lull. The tracks are following one another naturally and If We Can’t Go Back ends this little record on a very nice note.

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8 Tonne – The Liars Club

I Like Crime – Deap Vally

Royal – Planet Case

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