For our catch-up session of the month, we’re letting music surprising us with genres we’re less used to review and with tracks that might not be fully with us but that still move us. Flashes.


It’s true that we’re not reviewing a lot of jazz, instrumental or world music albums. But sometimes, some struck. And In Hindsight, Copenhagen-based band Klanglys has moved us a lot through their collaborations as much as their inspirations. By inviting Julie Lallement and Petter Moen for some vocals, and there’s some, the band pushes the boundaries of the genres. Indeed, jazz isn’t the only one on this forty-five-minute record. We’re getting variety, pop and folk as well. A dreamy record, with a lot of savoir-faire.



It might be a small record but it’s a great opportunity to discover Moon Walker’s universe. A real pleasure. Truth to Power is catchy, strong and colourful. It’s an invitation to move our bodies and let the vibes to us. And we don’t need more to accept as we’re charmed with Devil and the strong The TV Made Me Do It. But the darkness we perceive is coming from the lyrics rather than from the melodies. As a result, we get a powerful and hypnotic contrast. This rock gets its roots in big classic hits and gets modern in a garage. A musical emergency.



Deeply intimate, despite some sparks of epicness, this record is made of different experiences, and it opens on a smart and harmonious variation of genres. It’s with some new wave riffs that Ro Bergman opens Yes Yeah, the first track of EP HI-LO. Sliding to sharper riffs, we’re fully in it. However, as he goes to electro with Hi Lo and Wake, that we enjoy less, we appreciate them as breaks. Animal is growing from folk to pop and, lastly, It’s Alright, fascinates with its softness. A nice balance.

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La Petite Ferme de Vosves – Klanglys


Devil – Moon Walker


Animal – Ro Bergman

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