There it is, the long awaited jewel. Rammstein unveils RAMMSTEIN (or Zip Album). And even if we do not speak by German (but like, really not) we dive into it without any further waiting. Review .

Rammstein is back. Ten years we’ve been waiting for some new sound. Ten years during which we’ve seen them on tour and set fire to the stages from around the world. But right now, they are back with something new.

The two teasers that were DEUTSCHLAND and RADIO, we adored right away, especially thanks to their videos with rich and fascinating imageries. With sounds that reshow the band’s history and then echoes to the limit of the pop, as the good earworm they are, they explode from the beginning.

What about the rest of the album then? Well the legendary Germans do absolutely everything they want and put their whole body and heart in it.

ZEIG DICH is a mix of rock coming from the early 2000s and an epic chorus all covered with a powerful industrial metal varnish that made the mark of Rammstein. AUSLÄNDER that follows is more surprising with an electronica/dance production that reminds us that The Eurovision is this weekend and that if Germany had sent Rammstein with this title, he would have been given twelve points. Surprising but not disgusting.

We jump to SEX, with a hint of vocoder for fun but, more importantly, with huge guitars as we like them and more distant choirs this time with a kind of laser keyboard. We imagine very well this title becoming a direct trigger for singalongs during their gigs.

PUPPE opens as gently as SEX ended violently. And to mark the middle of the album, we enter a more intimate atmosphere. He lets himself be completely taken by emotion, far from his usual way of singing. The result is powerful, dark, fascinating and, of course, scary as fuck. A present evil that makes us shiver.

On WAS ICH LIEBE there are very similar, dark and weighty elements. Very romantic about what he sings in DIAMANT, there is also an immense suffering and a need for a change, all with some sublime violons. The evolution of proximity and distance continues on the WEIT WEG with its quasi-futuristic sound.

TATTOO talks about exactly that. No doubt allowed here, and we went to check the lyrics just to be safe. What pleases in this title is the raw, powerful and repetitive side like the strokes of the needle that inks the skin. Probably too much epicness for little but nice to hear nonetheless.

We end this album with sublime finishes on HALLOMAN, always in the same moods, between nightmare and hallucination, carried by moments of great sweetness and mystery. It was the only title that could close this much anticipated album. In the end, the result is worth the wait. It isn’t perfect but there is plenty to be satisfied while waiting for the continuation. Hopefully a sequel will arrive one day. And not in ten years.

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