Just released today, Puput, Cocanha’s new album, is revealing a mix of tastes between tradition and evolution. A new favourite of ours on which we take our time. Review.

Days are getting longer and when the sun hits my window in the morning, I can feel a summer holiday atmosphere coming from its warmth. And all of this, we get it in Cocanha’s album Puput. Occitania, already rich and beautiful, has been infused in this opus.

Folklore has been really concentrated in this, and Puput is also the occasion for Cocanha’s trio to get traditions to evolve with their take on it, adding some touches of modernity here and there, bits of hip-hop and add strong lyrics.

True, I don’t speak this language and don’t personally know anyone speaking it, however by paying attention and reading about their intentions, we feel the force of their feminist engagement. Their voices rise, accompany one another, challenge one another, wrap themselves together, and always support one another perfectly.

We’d have loved to hear them in Pop song tunes or with clearly assumed raps. In the meantime we follow them, admiring their polyphonic songs in their complexity and lightness as much as their simplicity and depth. Because these songs are on a large spectrum, widened and enriched by the Occitan culture, which is quite impressive in many aspects.

So, here we go, taking our time to listen to, to learn from and to understand this album. It deserves it. We hope Cocanha will continue to amaze us and will explore even more this great Occitan landscape. A jewel.

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