Three artists from different horizons, three chill albums to discover, this is our objective today with our three flashes.



If French variety doesn’t lack in artists, it is always a great thing to see a new voice gets added to this horizon. We realize that Verdée’s is idyllic when we start to listen to her latest release Dans nos pas. Floating between heaven and earth on Le jour, Atome, Les fugitifs and Petite machine, Verdée creates dreams. With her clam rhythms, she appeases and marks our ear with the pastel colours the characters formed by her notes are wearing. To discover now.




Nada Surf is one of the greatest rock band ever and they’re back for the best with a new album, Never Not Together, four years after their latest. If this opus has a chill atmosphere, it is still praise, a love letter to rock music and direct proof of the band’s savoir-faire efficiency. After a career of over twenty years, they’ve got even more so of it. Whether we want to go further in their songs or not, Nada Surf put lots of layers on them, so everyone should be satisfied with this nice LP.





We’ve just discovered SOBI through this very personal and intimate EP, Home One Day. The Londoner went to Germany to record the majority of this first release that, we hope, is going to open new doors for her. With an exceptional voice, the artist gets us through the complex world of her mind, talking about anxiety, heartbreak but also about the wish to open up and talk about it. Also inspired by the gothic novel by Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter, for her track Pearl, SOBI gives us a glimpse of her writing skills. With a precise and balanced mix, her words touch us immediately.

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Le Dernier de ceux – Verdée

So Much Love – Nada Surf

Devil – SOBI

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