In this holy day that is Friday (holy only due to the fact it’s New Music Friday), we are only made of joy and wish to share, with our three flashes, three must-haves albums.



We’re only joy and happiness when we realize that Swedish band Johnossi is back with a new album both tender and whirring. Torch // Flame has lots of contrast, a certain depth and that little something more that makes it whole. It is such a personal and precise-feeling that it’s difficult to explain how much we love it. From The Beast to Heavens (Then We Begin), we love this voice, this ambience and these light guitar riff and piano keys. A beautiful work that becomes, immediately, and because we’re biased fans anyway, a must-have.




Irma’s voice is among those which calm us down as soon as we hear it. Powerful, mystical, it can also be light and perfect for the soul-inspired pop-folk Irma is proposing with The Dawn. The colour pink is diluting in every track, sometimes in warm harmonies, sometimes in cold ones, but always with this idea of the sun on the horizon, just between day and night. We get this impression, between the wish to fall asleep slowly and the one to stay awake for hours after a long night. In English or in Spanish (Otra Vez), Irma becomes our pop shaman.




We discovered Les Deuxluxes and we got hooked straight away. So, obviously this album, we couldn’t wait any longer to present and share it. Lighter Fluid is a time travel capsule. We get back to the seventies, let the flower power vibe grow and we add some badass guitar riffs. Boom, we get the English sang For I Myself, Down On The Street | Loose, and the French Vacances Everest and L’insistance. The duet is sensual, energic and fresh. Clearly an album that ought not to be missed.


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Torch // Flame – Johnossi

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