New Music Friday is still happening, and today it is through three very creative albums, very different from one another and with great qualities. Flashes.



With this new voluptuous album, The Caretaker, Half Waif is taking care of us, of herself and of our ears. The echoes of her voice bear something majestic, great and impressive, then, quite suddenly, we get very close to her, in a whisper, just for the echoes to fill the room once more. And that is only the first track Cloud Rest. The rest of the album is pretty much the same, with a light and dreamy electro music. In just over half an hour, Half Waif presents her wishes to work alone as much as her love of collaborating with others. Whilst we are all distancing and isolating, hearing we can thrive even in this situation is truly inspiring.




Full of energy, Marie Mifsud doesn’t sing, she dances her lyrics through every track of her new experimental album, rich of diverse inspirations and poetry, Récif. It is hard to not visualize the artist living through every sound supporting her voice during recording, as if every instrument was a part of her body and her breath. From flute to rock guitar riffs, Marie Mifsud makes us dizzy, adds a lot of her whole being into every word and sentence, imposing herself as a sound artist with multiple talents, sometimes hard to follow, but always fascinating to those curious to dive into it.




This debut album by Grand Palladium has a very simple name, not unlike the soft and lovely melodies the band carries with tenderness: Grand Palladium. This opus, mixed in our lovely city of London, in the legendary Abbey Road Studios, is mostly made of two voices and two classical guitars. They add a little something (harmonica, drums, and many more) the two voices are coming on top of the whole thing beautifully and propose lyrics that, we’re sure of it, should quickly be enjoyed by the biggest fans of French poetry and songs. We can barely believe that this is their first album as they are so confident. Bravo.

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In August – Half Waif

Ça – Marie Mifsud

Émilie – Grand Palladium

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