With our three artists of the day, we are up for a small ‘tour de France’. Three different atmospheres, three tender hearts, that gives us three nice flashes to read now.



Singer from Nîmes, Sisco and his new EP, Le Corps Dur, released in March, have a great presentation. And that’s despite the leather his carries in his voice. The bad-boy side of him, clearly prone to indigestion (and he says so himself on first track Le corps dur) doesn’t erase his tender side, popping here and there. If Toi, la flamme ends a bit abruptly, leaving us craving for more, we quickly find comfort in the desert moment of Écoute and the strange party of Paris la nuit. The whole thing is convincing.




French singer Aurus has a lot to offer and proves it beautiful through this magnificent project. With this debut EP, simply called Aurus, the singer from Reunion island is becoming a shaman and questions the world. Technology and nature are intricated in the deepest of bass and the highest of notes. Bright and dark, full of contrast, his voice carries us and his rhythms, electro or pop adds up beautifully to create a unique universe. And that’s when we fall for Scalp and then, the rather different, Mean World Syndrome.




We take the direction of Toulouse and the cellar in which Après le soir, Camille Bénâtre, has been born. The poetry here is folk, elegant and in love with great spaces. Almost American. Some riffs borrowed to blues (Trop près du soleil), some voices echoing, a William Sheller cover (Les miroirs dans la boue), a bit of off-beat humour, and some rather hard themes, and here comes a catchy album, even bubbly sometimes. Far from doing what’s easy, Bénâtre delivers lyrics and music with great poise.

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Toi, la flamme – Sisco

Scalp – Aurus

À l’heure du soir – Camille Bénâtre

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