We get some very warming tunes in our playlist this week. Already October and we’re dreaming of holidays with The Soulphoenixs, Lea Lu, Roasaway and Sarāb. A couple of other tracks are bearing the lovely bright colours of autumn and we’re getting into Bare Beets, Cuffed Up and Skinny Lister.

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If this playlist arrives late tonight, it’s still a joy to share it. Our selection of the week has some lovely lyrics by Almée and Lisa Mitchell, and the powerful riffs of The Rising, The Darkness and Katanak who is going to release another version of this song later this month. We’ll follow this curious adventure, and the others, quite carefully.

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Rhona Macfarlane by Sedona May


It’s already the end of August and it means we’re all getting back to work or to school. Before that, we still have to discover some amazing things, like Moon Walker’s groove, Rhona Macfarlane’s voice and Gabby Holt’s superb video, all of which are in our playlist of the week.

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