And, as we’re adapting ourselves to yet another new work rhythm for the sixth time this year, we’re not letting these new tunes slip by us this week. We’re travelling with Harrison Rimmer’s pop-rock, Ben Camden and Dusty Bo’s bright riffs, and with the awaited Daytime TV.

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Our walks on the wild side of the internet are always fruitful. Whether they’re from France like Malted Milk, from the UK like Future Cavemen and Thinktank, or from the US like Broke Royals and Des Rocs, our selected artists are all very charming with a guitar between their hands. And it actually really works.

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Rhona Macfarlane by Sedona May


It’s already the end of August and it means we’re all getting back to work or to school. Before that, we still have to discover some amazing things, like Moon Walker’s groove, Rhona Macfarlane’s voice and Gabby Holt’s superb video, all of which are in our playlist of the week.

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